My Ex-Libris

In medieval Europe, books were scarce due to the lack of paper and printing technology. People only had a small number of books in their life. European treated their books as their properties. Book owners usually design their own unique Ex-libris based on their own characteristics and life experience and printed it on their books. Ex-libris is the symbol of property, like a car's title.

My second-year professor Henri de Hahn wanted us to create our own Ex-libris on the sketchbook before the first class. I think Henri wants us to cherish our sketchbooks, as medieval Europeans did to books.

Letter model during summer

The concept of my Ex-libris design is based on my summer design studio. This is where my architectural career dream began. Due to the influence of COVID-19, we were unable to attend classes in the school's studio. We took classes on Zoom at home.

The center person with a big head is me, who was taking a class in front of the computer. The person on the computer screen is Ron Danial, my professor at summer Studio. The model on the table, a letter "F" made by bristol board, was my model in that class. This model is the first model I created in my Architecture career. There is a lamp I got from a graduate architecture girl, and this lamp accompanies me at three o'clock every night.

I tried to show my Ex-libris using dots and lines. Dots were used to draw walls, and long lines show the wood grain of my desk. I created my seal of Ex-libris this summer and happily printed my Ex-Libris on every book!